Progress so far….


In late 2013 Cornwall Council designated the Calstock Parish as a Neighbourhood Development Plan area.

In 2014 a preliminary community survey showed the things that local people were most concerned about:

  • village character.
  • housing.
  • green spaces.
  • transport.
  • wild habitats.

In the following year working groups examined these themes, carried out detailed local surveys, and held focus group sessions. Late in 2015 a more detailed community survey took place which provided very useful detailed information on people’s preferences.

The working groups continued their work in 2016. Then in 2017 we reviewed the evidence base  that supports the proposed Neighbourhood Development Plan to ensure it is robust, carried out additional survey work to make sure that everyone has a say – especially younger working age people, and from all our villages – and did assessments on landscape and ‘green gaps’ around our villages. We updated our information on local housing needs and supply requirements, and examined all the edges of our settlements to see what potential there was to help us meet those needs.

During the Winter/Spring of 2018 a small drafting group wrote the Plan up, chapter by chapter, and each of these was tested at frequent Steering Group sessions to see that they properly address the issues and make sense. Meanwhile we continued to build the evidence base, adding new material as it become available.

Later in Spring 2018 an early draft of the Neighbourhood Development Plan will be ‘signed-off’ by the Steering Group, and sent to the Parish Council for initial feedback. Cornwall Council’s Neighbourhood Planning Team provided informal comments. After that further work was done on the draft Plan, and it was finally approved for consultation on 11th September 2018.

The draft Plan has now been sent to Cornwall Council with a request to advise us whether a Strategic Environmental Assessment is required, after which it will be published formally for  consultations.

What Happens Next?

The Consultation will be for at least 6 weeks consultations, dureing which time we will hold ‘drop-in’ exhibition sessions for people to find out more and discuss the Plan with our team.

The Plan will then be adjusted in response to the comments recieved, before being formally submitted to Cornwall Council. After legal checks, to see that the Plan is in good order, Cornwall Council will appoint an Independent Assesor to examine the Plan. Following further tweaks to respond to the Assesor’s recommndations, the Plan will be put to a local referend, later in 2019. If it is supported the Plan will become a full part of the formal Cornwall development framework.

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