Calstock Parish Plan 2005

Parish Plans were first introduced through the Countryside Agency’s Parish Plan Grant Scheme, part of their Vital Villages Initiative of the early 2000s. The grant programme enabled parish councils to apply for funding, to carry out  community consultation, to gauge the views of residents on how the parish should develop or change (if at all), over a 5 to 10 year period. The consultation process was also intended to strengthen the links between a parish council and its community.
The Plan was seen as a tool for change and statement of parish intent and feeling. The Plan took into account district and county plans and linked in with these, where appropriate, as well as any other strategies.
The Parish Plan, completed in 2005, is now somewhat dated, and contains many initiatives that are outside the remit of Planning to deliver, but never-the-less remains a useful input to the Neighbourhood Plan.
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Health Starts Where We Live – DPH Annual Report, Cornwall, 2017

Where we live and how we spend our time can have a big impact on our health and wellbeing. The 2017  Director of Public Health Annual Report for Cornwall  explores some of the key factors linking our health, housing and the wider environment, some of which pose a serious challenge to the wellbeing of the population and the services that work to address them. In planning to provide for local needs and support the maintenance of our ageing housing stock, and to protect and enhance the supply of open space and leisure opportunities, Neighbourhood Plans can help address the issues raised in the DPH report.

Director of Public Health Report for Cornwall 2017

Caradon CNA Health Profile

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Community Engagement Feedback

Initial scoping work was carried out in 2014, followed up by more detailed  community consultation and engagement in 2015. The Neighbourhood Plan Committee [ie the Steering Group] that worked through 2015 to 2020 to prepare the Plan included both Parish Councillors and members of local community organisations and interested individuals drawn from our community, so that there was a broad input of ideas, opinions and effort.  The Committee enthusiastically engaged in carrying out research, analysing data, discussing its implications and drawing up the draft Plan, over a series of many meetings.

Analysis of October 2015 Community Survey

Key Themes and Evidence Gathered 1.1

Consultation Statement 2020 – Contains details of community engagement and feedback during the draft Neighbourhood Development Plan consultation stage in 2019.

Cornwall Council carried out further consultations on the Plan in 2020 after it was submitted, the results of which can be found at on the Cornwall Council on-line Planning Register by searching under reference PA20/00005/NDP

Cornwall Planning Register

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