Cornwall Local Plan

The Cornwall Local Plan is the main planning document for Cornwall and the Calstock Parish Neighbourhood Development Plan must be in accordance with it: we cannot include policies that oppose or have the effect of opposing the Local Plan policies.

However, the Calstock Parish Neighbourhood Development Plan can ‘add value’ to the Local Plan, by interpreting its policies to take in to account local circumstances, and by covering those local issues that the Local Plan, being for the whole County, cannot cover.

For example, our  Neighbourhood Development Plan could identify where necessary development should be located, re-affirm village development limits, provide for additional controls over design, support local projects, enable developments which provide new or enhanced services, and give extra protection to our green spaces, environment and heritage.

The Cornwall Local Plan was formally adopted on 22 November 2016, at which time it replaced the old Caradon Local Plan and the Cornwall Minerals Local Plan.

The important documents are the Adopted Cornwall Local Plan Strategic Policies  and theCornwall Local Plan: Community Network Area Sections

The Calstock Parish Neighbourhood Development Plan Working must take into account these important documents in their activity.

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