Climate Emergency

NDP’s provide an opportunity to tackle the climate emergency as part of their role in delivering sustainable development. The Calstock Parish NDP Committee have researched the issues for Calstock Parish and have included a number of policies which support renewable energy production, the management of energy use in development, and dealing with the impacts of climate change.

The background evidence for these policies are available in detail here: Calstock and Climate Change 

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The Vision and Objectives

National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF):  Paragraphs 7 to 14, sections 5 to 17, Paras 28 to 30, 37.

National Planning Policy Guidance (NPPG) Section on Neighbourhood Planning Paragraph: 001 Reference ID: 41-001-20140306

Cornwall Local Plan (CLP): Policy 1,

Caradon Community Network Area Statement PP16

Community engagement results: Initial scoping work was carried out in 2014, followed up by more detailed community consultation and engagement in 2015. The results of this can be found via these links:

Analysis of October 2015 Community Survey

Narrative of feedback from roadshows about the topic of village character and green spaces

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