The Legislation

The Neighbourhood Development Planning process came about as a result of the Localism Act of 2011. This gave local councils, such as Calstock Parish Council, the power to make planning policies that would become part of the statutory planning framework.

That means the local policies must be taken into account when the Local Planning Authority (Cornwall Council in our case), Governemnt Planning Inspectors, and even the Secretary of State for Communities and local Government, make planning decisions.

That gives us, the local community living in the villages and countryside of  Calstock Parish, a much better say in the future development of our area.

if you really want to see the legislative background, then have a browse of these documents:

Consolidated Planning Act 

Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012

Neighbourhood Planning (General) (Amendment) Regulations 2015

Neighbourhood Planning (General) and Development Management Procedure (amendment) Regulations 2016



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