Plan Road Show well attended

The Calstock Parish Neighbourhood Plan Stand has visited local events so far this summer including, Harrowbarrow Show, Gunnislake Festival, Delaware Primary Academy, Gunnislake School Fayre, Calstock School Fete and the Latchely, Cox Park and Chilsworthy Show.

Over 175 people have been able to spend time finding out more about the forthcoming Plan, and putting in their ideas for the future of our Parish. Thanks to all involved.

Please take the opportunity to complete our community engagement questionnaire, which you can find on this link: Questionnaire.

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NDP Strategy Board aims to attend local events this summer.

We will be visiting local events in Calstock Parish over the next few weeks. The aim is to keep the Plan in public attention whilst it is drafted, keep people informed, and in particular improve engagement with the 16 to 44 age range across the Parish, and from all age groups living in Chilsworthy and Harrowbarrow wards.

So watch out for us at summer fetes and fairs – visit the stand, find out what’s going on with the Neighbourhood Plan, and tell us about your concerns and ideas!

Proposed events are:

Harrowbarrow Show 15th July

Gunnislake Festival 16th July

Delaware Primary Academy 19th July

Gunnislake School  21st July

Calstock School 22nd July

Latchely, Cox Park and Chilsworthy Show 29th July


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The Vision and Objectives

National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF):  Paragraphs 6 to 17, sections 1 to 13, Paras 183 to 185

National Planning Policy Guidance (NPPG) Section on Neighbourhood Planning Paragraph: 001 Reference ID: 41-001-20140306

Cornwall Local Plan (CLP): Policy 1,

Caradon Community Network Area Statement PP16

Community engagement results: Initial scoping work was carried out in 2014, followed up by more detailed community consultation and engagement in 2015. The results of this can be found via these links:

Analysis of October 2015 Community Survey

Narrative of feedback from roadshows about the topic of village character and green spaces

Key Themes and Evidence Gathered 1.1

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Heritage and Design References


NPPF Paras 56, 58, 59, 61, 64, 64, 109, 128 – 141, 129, 132

CLP Policies 12, 24.

Caradon Community Network Area Statement PP16  Para 17.4, 17.5, 17.8

Farms, Fields and Mines: An Historic Landscape Analysis of Calstock Parish

Calstock Parish HE List Search Results


Cornwall Industrial Settlements Initiative


Calstock CISI Report

Calstock CISI Fig1 

Calstock CISI Fig2

Calstock CISI fig3

Calstock CISI Fig4


Drakewalls/Albaston CISI Report

Drakewalls/Albaston CISI Fig1

Drakewalls/Albaston CISI fig2a

Drakewalls/Albaston CISI Fig2b

Drakewalls/Albaston CISI Fig3a

Drakewalls/Albaston CISI Fig3b

Drakewalls/Albaston Fig4a

Drakewalls/Albaston Fig4b


Gunnislake CISI Report

Gunnislake CISI Fig1

Gunnislake CISI Fig2a

Gunnislake CISI Fig2b

Gunnislake CISI Fig3a

Gunnislake CISI Fig3b

Gunnislake CISI Fig4a

Gunnislake CISI Fig4b


Roman Fort Booklet

Interactive  Heritage Map set up  by the Tamar Valley AONB service

Calstock Parish Archive. 

Historic Environment Draft SPD

The Cornwall Design Guide:

WHS Supplementary Planning Document 2016

WHS Management Plan 2013-2018 Appendices

WHS Management Plan 2013-2018

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