The result of the NDP referendum on 20th January 2022 has been declared. 1490 (79.4%) voted YES and 385 (20.5%) voted NO. Turnout was 34.2%.

You can see the official declaration of the result here:

The Plan will now be adopted by Cornwall Council, which is the local planning authority, and it becomes part of the formal ‘Development Plan’ for the area. It must be taken into account when future planning applications in Calstock Parish are decided by Cornwall Council.

You can find the Plan here: Calstock Parish Neighbourhood Development Plan

Prior to the referendum some questions were posed on social media sites, the answers to them may be of interest to you:

UPDATE 18th JAN 2021: You can find replies to further questions raised on the NDP by clicking these links:

More Q&A

More Q&A 2

Can new dwellings be built within the development boundaries?

NDP Policy HP1 – Development Boundaries [NDP p 53] says ‘within each Development Boundary, there is a presumption in favour of sustainable development that will apply to proposals for small scale infill and the development of previously developed land that respect the setting, scale, form and character of the settlement and the criteria set out in HP 3.’

NDP Policy HP3 – Infill Housing Development [NDP p 59] says ‘new residential infill development will be supported within the settlement development boundaries, subject to design being consistent with that existing in the settlement; being of a similar plot-size to existing properties in the proposal site; inclusion adequate off-road parking for private vehicles.’

New dwellings definitely can be built within the development boundaries.

Off road car parking is required.

Nothing here refers to holiday homes.

What can be built outside the development boundaries?

NDP Policy HP1 – Development Boundaries  [NDP p 53] says ‘outside of the Boundary development will not be supported unless it is in accordance with Cornwall Local Plan Policy 7 – replacement dwellings; or Cornwall Local Plan Policy 9 – rural exception sites for affordable housing;  or rural workshop and Green Tourism projects under Policies LET 1 and LET 2.’

Cornwall Local Plan Policy 7 – Housing in the countryside [CLP p 41] says ‘in the open countryside new dwellings will be restricted replacement dwellings, subdivision of existing residential dwellings; reuse of redundant, disused or historic buildings; dwellings for agricultural and forestry and other rural occupation workers where there is a need of the business for the occupier to live in that location.’

Cornwall Council specify that ‘Open countryside’ is beyond the physical boundaries of existing settlements where they have a clear form and shape and is part of an expansive area before the next settlement. The Cornwall Local Plan, which the NDP cannot change, also says that some infill of gaps in hamlets and small groups of dwellings is allowed for if they are in character with the existing layout and density. [CLP Para 1.68]

The Parish Plan follows the Cornwall Plan. The development boundaries help to clarify the meaning of open countryside.

Nothing here refers to holiday homes.

Cornwall Local Plan Policy 9 – Rural Exceptions Sites  [CLP p 46] says ‘development proposals on sites outside of but adjacent to the existing area whose primary purpose is to provide affordable housing to meet local needs will be supported where they are clearly affordable housing led.’

This policy encourages affordable housing which is needed in the Parish.

It applies solely to housing to meet local needs, although market housing may be allowed to support the viability of a site, according to strict rules set oy by Cornwall Council. Holiday homes would not be permitted on rural exceptions sites.

Can self-builds be included in rural exceptions sites?

Cornwall Supplementary Planning Document 2020 – Self and Custom Built  [SPD p 33] says ‘self-build could be provided on rural exception sites.’

Why has the Plan not allocated sites for affordable housing?

NDP HP4 – Rural Exceptions Sites 18.30 [p 60] says ‘by their nature exception sites cannot be identified in advance and rely upon landowner/developer willingness to bring them forward in response to local need.’  Evidence the NDP Committee gathered from an analysis of past affordable housing delivery was that ‘exception’ sites are far more efficient than allocation sites as a way of delivering affordable homes, as you can require 50% or more to be affordable. If you allocate a site then its only 30%, and then only if the allocation is for more than 10 dwellings.

When the Plan is adopted the next step is to work with housing associations and others to identify rural exceptions site.

 What does the Plan say about holiday homes?

NDP Policy LET 2 – Green Tourism Development [NDP p 50] says ‘new and extended high-quality tourism facilities and accommodation will be supported where they are within or adjoining existing settlements.’

Employment opportunities in the Parish are limited. The Plan seeks ways to improve this. Tourism has the greatest potential in the area for growth. So this policy is to allow development that supports tourism and adds to local prosperity by providing employment and additional spending in the local economy, but in ways that are well related to the character of the area.

What does the Plan say about retirement homes?

NDP Policy HP 6 – DESIGN OF NEW HOUSING [NDP p 62] says ‘Extra Care Units whose primary purpose is to provide housing and care to meet the needs of local elderly local elderly and/or disabled people will be supported where it would meet current design standards including dementia friendly design. Development proposals should demonstrate the application of The Building for Life 12 standard.’

This is a policy on design to guide applicants to the standard & quality of design that would be expected.


To find out more about the policies within the NDP, please contact us on

The referendum is on Thursday 20 January 2022, from 0700-2200.


Calstock Parish is an amazing place!  Looking out into Devon across the beautiful Tamar Valley, it  is set on the East Cornwall and Kit Hill moorland fringe, and dives steeply into the Tamar Valley.  The Parish includes rare and sensitive biodiversity, and a geodiversity that has been exploited over many generations in surface and deep workings, now recognised as being of World Heritage importance. The river itself has had an industrial role, offering communications for both agriculture and mining, but is now appreciated as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Eight villages and many hamlets are scattered across this precious landscape, including Calstock itself set snugly into the meanders of the river, whilst above villages such as Drakewalls and Gunnislake dominate the higher ground. The communities of these settlements include people whose families have lived locally for generations, and also more recent residents attracted by the excellent quality of life available in the area.

But there are challenges: the affordability of housing, relatively low wages, loss of green-space to development pressures,  access to modern services and facilities,  air-pollution, the changing balance within our community, and global environmental change to name a few.

The Calstock Parish Neighbourhood Plan provides us, local people who live here and love where we live, with the opportunity to have a real say in the way these challenges are tackled, so that our present needs are met without harming the ability of future generations to meet their needs. That is the essence of sustainable development.

Please bookmark and return frequently to see what is happening!

BREAKING NEWS: Calstock Neighbourhood Plan Referendum vote is in. It’s a 79.4% vote YES. For more information see:

Referendum day today for Calstock Neighbourhood Plan! Please make very effort to take part in this important decision by getting out to cast your vote! Please RT.

Calstock Neighbourhood Development Plan Referendum is on 20th January. Whether you are for it or against it, please use your vote! For a copy of the Plan see:

Seven day countdown to the Calstock Neighbourhood Development Plan Referendum. Whether you are for it or against it, please use your vote! For details of the Plan see:

Still time to have a say on the Calstock Parish Neighbourhood Plan: In view of the interest from local people we have extended the consultation period to midnight on Monday 21st October. #gunnislake #rising sun Pls RT

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