Calstock Parish is an amazing place!  Looking out into Devon across the beautiful Tamar Valley, it  is set on the East Cornwall and Kit Hill moorland fringe, and dives steeply into the Tamar Valley.  The Parish includes rare and sensitive biodiversity, and a geodiversity that has been exploited over many generations in surface and deep workings, now recognised as being of World Heritage importance. The river itself has had an industrial role, offering communications for both agriculture and mining, but is now appreciated as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Eight villages and many hamlets are scattered across this precious landscape, including Calstock itself set snugly into the meanders of the river, whilst above villages such as Drakewalls and Gunnislake dominate the higher ground. The communities of these settlements include people whose families have lived locally for generations, and also more recent residents attracted by the excellent quality of life available in the area.

But there are challenges: the affordability of housing, relatively low wages, loss of green-space to development pressures,  access to modern services and facilities,  air-pollution, the changing balance within our community, and global environmental change to name a few.

The Calstock Parish Neighbourhood Plan provides us, local people who live here and love where we live, with the opportunity to have a real say in the way these challenges are tackled, so that our present needs are met without harming the ability of future generations to meet their needs. That is the essence of sustainable development.

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A working draft of the Calstock Parish Neighbourhood Development Plan is now available on the website. Pls note it’s published for information only and has no official status.

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